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international partner development
international partner development
Leveraging your success businesses with a proper off shoring sales strategy and the right outsourcing partner can reap substantial rewards, as many have already discovered. In today's challenging economic environment offshore sales outsourcing is even more strategic than ever before, by which you can be competitive while surviving the challenging market conditions.

 TsecNet provides offshore outsourcing strategy developing International markets and sales organizations for our partners. We aim to create flexible and scalable proactive offshore-onshore sales and marketing team combinations for our partners, helping you to quickly align to challenging market requirements.
With our unique technological, sales and marketing skills, you can benefit from economies of scale through dedicated sales facilities, allowing us to deliver cheaper, more flexible, and scalable services than those which our customers are able to manage in house.

TSecNet, led by highly experienced team with proven successful track record that gained intimate familiarity with the leading sales channels, communication operators, utilities and governmental bodies in Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America is offering the following services
  • Developing and Implementing Market Entry or Expansion Strategy
  • Strategic Alliances Development
  • Direct Sales / Bids
  • Sales Channels Development and Management
  • Strategic Analysis
  • Technology scouting
  • Market trend