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People and vehicle screening solutions are used in a variety of applications, including: airports, borders, courthouses, critical infrastructure, cruise ships, defense, law enforcement, prisons, public and federal buildings, special events, and seaports.

TSecNet provides people screening solutions designed to reveal objects hidden under a person’s clothing. It provides the ability to search for and detect potential threats and contraband items concealed under an individual’s clothing quickly and discreetly without posing health risks, invading privacy or subjecting the individual to a physical pat down. The solutions can virtually detect all materials including metal, glass, plastic, liquid and ceramic. It does not emit any harmful radiation and does not have any privacy issues.

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) designed to provide a security solution for inspecting the most vulnerable part of a vehicle - the chassis.
Objects may vary from explosives, drugs, merchandise and even in some cases the smuggling of human beings across borders or out of prison compounds