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eg 3 anti intrusion solutions
eg 3 anti intrusion solutions
TSecNet offers special anti intrusion systems:
REVENGE is the new generation system of protection which, through the built-in PIR sensor, triggers and alarm status and, in real time, transmits SMS messages and MMS images. REVENGE  is the new alert system that combines simplicity, versatility, scalability, flexibility and affordable prices. Revolutionary in its simplicity: it can send an SMS alarm up to 4 phone numbers stored, send an SMS to the ambulance, robbery or panic, when activated by remote control feature, send images via MMS to phone numbers, store 27 pictures in the MICRO SD card on board, send 5 images via e-mail to 2 e-mail addresses stored, send an alarm to an external wireless siren different  depending on the type of alarm received.  REVENGE, in one solution is able to provide functions of   Video surveillance, Alarm, Antitheft, Smoke detection, Listen-in function, Antipanic.

HBS fog safe a new solution for an active protection of working and family environments, and of your family. It is an innovative security system that, when the alarm system detects the intruder it delivers an intense fog -innocuous, non-irritating and that leaves no residue- which, being impenetrable to the eye, discourages those who have stealthily introduced.
This is different from the usual security systems that provide a passive protection since they only detect burglaries, not offering any impediment to the thieves, that once crossed the threshold, can do undisturbed destruction and theft. Fog Safe is able to generate to thieves and burglars a surprising effect that is able to block them instantly. It can be controlled remotely from a mobile phone.