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video surveillance and physical security
video surveillance and physical security
Physical Security addresses actions you can take to protect buildings, property and assets against intruders. When designing a physical security program, the three levels you need to protect are your outer perimeter, your inner perimeter and your interior.

The outer perimeter of property is defined by the actual property lines. In securing the outer perimeter, the goal is to control who can walk or drive onto the property. Perimeter electronic security is the right approach. The inner perimeter consists of the doors, windows and walls of your building/site. Protecting your inner perimeter is usually accomplished with locks, keys and alarm systems. Interior security is the final level of security and consists of the interior. Security cameras are an effective tool for monitoring the interior of your business as well as Electronic access control systems.

After the September 11th attacks, security services are increasingly turning toward video surveillance technology as the answer to terrorist threats and the public's demand for security. Moreover, video surveillance is an effective remedy for crime prevention. Video surveillance enhances people's sense of security as part of the total physical security approach.

TSecNet, with a good knowledge of the CCTV systems, Video Analysis software,  the phenomenology of the light and its behaviour, is a able to provide the best solution according to the customer needs in terms of ratio Price/Performances for  DVR, Hybrid, NVR, IP & analog cameras and Video Management Systems. We can provide customized  solutions with  special Cameras as Laser, Infrared, Thermal and Hybrid able to detect people and object up to 30KM.