2nd Apr 2012

IP Forum at Bologna
It finished the first stage of the Bologna IP Security Forum with great success of the public and exhibitors. The public has proven to have been aware of the convergence and has participated actively in the conference: numerous, careful, inclusive until the end of the day. "IP Security Forum is  a moment of reflection and creative open to address issues of change and innovation, with the objective of finding things to do. It  will not and can’t be exhaustive, it wants to give some ideas to enter the change, it wants to share knowledge and experiences and explore new key factors that allow firms to gain or retain their competitive success. The event introduces a new approach based on the concept of convergence, trying to narrow the gap between present and future "
As speaker of the event Pietro Cecilia, CEO of TSECNET  brought the issue:
The IP Networking and Security: What should you do? How important is networking in the success of a video surveillance system?
  • What elements, technical and planning  we must keep in mind to build an IP video surveillance system that truly meets the needs of the customer?
  • In what pitfalls you may encounter in dealing with the network assessment?
  • with the limitations of infrastructure and services on the Italian networks can offer a truly remotely exploitable IP?
  • What you must do to successfully enter in the IP Security?

You can download a synthesis of th document in italian language. Request the complete document at info@tsecnet.com

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