21st Sep 2011

oro cloud
Paraphrasing Nanni Moretti, one might ask if it is noticed more talking about cloud or another. Probably more, now that everyone talks about the cloud, often without knowing what it is and sometimes using its services without having idea. Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud gateway: the labels are so many, but things are simpler than they appear. We start from the definition of Cloud Computing. According to Wikipedia is a set of technologies that allow you to store / store and process data (CPU or software) through the use of distributed resources via network or, more simply, that the application is running on a remote server instead of a PC / server and local client accesses through the internet (public cloud) or network (private cloud). In practice, I user (business or individual) can decide to access on a "cloud" and there doing my own processing, storing my data, etc.. requiring the use of cloud services providers in accordance with a pay per use.

The article of Pietro Cecilia is in italian language

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