TsecNet takes the lead in loss prevention solutions...

11th May 2011

TsecNet Srl. Represents StopLift in EMEA.

StopLift grew out of a Harvard Business School field study on Retail Loss Prevention entitled “Project StopLift”. One of the study’s major findings was that, while CCTV is the most widespread of all loss prevention technologies, it is often the most underutilized--it is just too expensive and time-consuming for humans to monitor or review video comprehensively.
StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has developed software-based checkout vision systems which automatically analyze regular CCTV video from existing cameras to detect various forms of theft, training error, and operational analytics at the checkout. A pioneer in the field of checkout vision systems, StopLift has developed the first ever system capable of successfully detecting “sweethearting” between cashiers and customers (U.S. Patents 7,516,888 & 7,631,808).

With engineering talent and computer vision research insights from MIT, the Project StopLift team realized that video recognition could be used to automate and, thus, make possible the comprehensive examination of surveillance video.

By combining state-of-the-art web video streaming technology with video-to-transaction log synchronization, a web application allows an advanced, intuitive, and easy to use access to actionable incidents on any of the major web browsers without the need of installing additional software.

The solution employs a simple plug-&-play installation and roll-out process requiring approximately 30 minutes for each store. Even non-IT individuals can install the system.
The unique approach and several patents make StopLift a unique solution of its kind. TSecNet Srl. was qualified to offer the StopLift lines of products to its partners and customers. The presented business approach makes StopLift extremely cost effective with short proven Return On Investment period.

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